Preschool Gets a Visit from Dr. Krug


Lucy Perry with Dr. Nate Krug

In September, the Nebraska Christian preschool had a doctor come in and talk to them about their bodies and what would happen if they went to the doctor for a check-up. Dr. Nate Krug, a family practice doctor at Lone Tree Medical Clinic in Central City and a 2001 Nebraska Christian graduate, came out to talk to the preschoolers about how to properly take care of their bodies.

Dr. Krug spent about 30 minutes with the students, showing them different aspects of a check-up and letting them try out some of his equipment. He gave the kids flavored tongue depressors and bottled water. It all fit into the week’s theme for the preschool, which was the human body. It was a great day to teach the kids about their bodies and to show them the proper way to take care of their bodies.

Above: Dr. Nate Krug with the NC preschool students.

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