Four Selected to Class C All-State Band

Four Nebraska Christian students worked hard, practiced, and made it into Class C All-State Band. Two made it into the junior high band and two into the high school band. On the high school level, junior Jessica Hilderbrand (clarinet) and junior Lydia Langemeier (flute) will be participating.

Hilderbrand said, “I am looking forward to not only working with an outstanding professor, but I also see this as an amazing opportunity to work with peers and prepare for college.”

In the junior high band, seventh graders Tyler Cumpston and Molly Griess, both saxophonists, were selected. They were the first two Nebraska Christian students to ever make it into the junior high band.

“I was glad that I put in the effort to practice and also glad that we had more people than just me make it,” said Cumpston.

The four students leave for Class C on March 25th for an all-day practice at Kearney High School and will have a concert in the evening. The students are looking forward to this event but are also a little nervous. The music will be difficult, but with perseverance and dedication, they can pull it off.

Class C All-State Band Participants: Jessica Hilderbrand, Lydia Langemeier, Molly Griess, Tyler Cumpston.

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