Catching Up With … The Junior High

The Nebraska Christian Junior High just finished their basketball season. The girls’ team consisted of Shelby Swanson, Olivia Janssen, McKenna Leonard, Angela Prettyman, McKenzie Schweitzer, Teagan Haynes, Lizzy Powers, Tabitha Seip, Sidney McHargue, Molly Griess, and Shelby McHargue. The boys’ team was made up of Grant Stuhmer, Anthony Jividen, Josh Strong, Aiden Pipher, Elijah Green, Toby Zaruba, Elijah Boersen, Ethan Burdett, Carl Mundt, Conner Broman, Chantz Stuhmer, Tyler Cumpston, Ethan Merchant, Kobe Morris, Dayton Falk, Zac Egeland, Aaron Jividen, and Jonathan Needham.

The boys’ basketball team worked hard and improved as the season went on, as well as keeping a positive attitude during the season. Coach Andy Falk would like to see them continue to work on having a better understanding of basketball and how the game should be played, and on their shooting and ball-handling skills. Falk shared this about the season: “It was a fun year. I hope these boys will continue to enjoy basketball and become successful high school players.”

The girls’ team had some highlights from the season, as well, scoring 37 points in one game, a lot of people contributing throughout the season, and playing their best basketball the last two games of the year. Coach Clay Mankin would like to see the girls work on improving in the fundamentals of the game. Mankin shared this about the season: “I thought the girls greatly improved on their fundamentals and thinking about the game of basketball. I feel that there is a lot of potential with these girls and with a lot of hard work they can become a great team.”

Besides junior high basketball, several junior high students competed in the Merrick County Spelling Bee at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Tuesday, February 14th. Those competing in the spelling bee were Tyler Cumpston, Olivia Janssen, Daniel Musgrave, McKenna Leonard, and alternate Chantz Stuhmer. Olivia Janssen won the event, and Tyler Cumpston came in 2nd. (Read more about the Spelling Bee here.)

The Junior High Quiz Bowl team, consisting of Ethan Burdett, Tyler Cumpston, Aidan Feely, Molly Griess, Olivia Janssen, McKenna Leonard, Ethan Merchant, Carl Mundt, McKenzie Schweitzer, and Grant Stuhmer, competed in the Goldenrod Conference Junior High Quiz Bowl on Wednesday, February 15th, at the PAC in Central City and came away with runner-up honors.

Also, Molly Griess and Tyler Cumpston were selected to the Junior High Class C All State Band, which they will be performing with at Kearney High School on March 25.

As you can see, the junior high students are busy with their activities, and, as track season begins, the students will continue to excel in and out of the classroom.

Above: Quiz Bowl Team. Front: Aidan Feely, McKenna Leonard, Olivia Janssen, McKenzie Schweitzer, Grant Stuhmer. Back: Ethan Merchant, Carl Mundt, Molly Griess, Tyler Cumpston, Ethan Burdett.

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