She Shoots … She Scores: Girls’ Basketball Preview

As the Lady Eagles look to begin their 2017-2018 basketball season, they are putting in a lot of practice. Beginning their season later than expected, due to the volleyball team’s participation in the State Volleyball Tournament, the girls experienced a quick transition from volleyball to basketball. With the Lady Eagles’ first scrimmage just a week and a half after their first practice, they had time for nothing but hard work.

Erin Mankin is returning for her second year as head coach, and she is assisted by Nathan Musgrave. Mankin hopes to build her players’ strength on and off the court. “I love to see kids compete, to improve during the season, to enjoy the game of basketball, to grow as a team, and most importantly to really grow in Jesus. To become more like Jesus is our ultimate goal, and [we want] to honor Him in the way we play in the game of basketball.”

The Lady Eagles return three starters: Corryn Falk, Claire Ostrand, and Carsyn Ostrand. Corryn Falk returns as the leading scorer for the Eagles, while Claire and Carsyn Ostrand take control of the main ball handling responsibilities. Adding depth, the team also includes the following players: Anna Musgrave, Adrienne Falk, Kate Pipher, Jada McHargue, Skylar Swantek, Lydia Toshimasu, Grace Langemeier, Kendyl Jividen, Emily Meng, Olivia Nyberg, Jordan Schnell, Stephanie Strobel, and Shelby Swanson. Although not boasting a huge team, the Lady Eagles basketball team looks to be a strong opponent for any competition that comes their way. Carsyn Ostrand said, “We have a lot of young girls who don’t offer much experience, but it will be fun to see the growth of each player throughout the season.”

The Lady Eagles begin their season at St. Edward on Friday, December 1, at 7 :30 p.m.

Top Photo: The Girls’ Basketball Team. Row 1: Anna Musgrave, Claire Ostrand, Corryn Falk. Row 2: Carsyn Ostrand, Adrienne Falk, Kate Pipher, Skylar Swantek. Row 3: Emily Meng, Jada McHargue, Grace Langemeier, Kendyl Jividen. Row 4: Olivia Nyberg, Jordan Schnell, Lydia Toshimasu, Shelby Swanson.

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