A Day with David Wheaton

David Wheaton speaks to the seniors during a special session following chapel.

Worldview expert and retired professional tennis player David Wheaton came to Nebraska Christian to speak to the student body on December 5.  Wheaton has spoken at the school in chapel for many years, and he has become an eagerly-anticipated speaker. After chapel, Wheaton spent the remainder of the morning speaking to the senior class about college readiness.

The seniors were eager to hear from Wheaton because of their past experience with him. Every year, the juniors go on a trip to Minneapolis to visit a couple of colleges, but the highlight is visiting Wheaton at his house to participate in his radio program The Christian Worldview. Senior Katelynn Halstead said, “It was a wonderful experience to visit Mr. Wheaton’s house. We had the unique opportunity to be involved in his radio program and meet his family. My personal favorite part was when a group of kids gathered around the piano and joined in singing worship songs.”  

The seniors’ visit to Wheaton’s house last spring was fantastic, but the topic of college readiness on which he spoke to them on the 5th will be very useful in the months to come. Senior Corryn Falk said, “David Wheaton gave us great advice that we can take with us to college. He gave us ways to not just survive college with our faith intact, but ways to actually grow in our faith throughout college.” Overall, Wheaton’s visit to NC was a wonderful success as usual, and students are looking forward to having him back again.

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