Meet the Wrestling Team

The 2017-18 wrestling season has started, and the team has been working hard. Wrestling practice goes as follows: They play a warm-up game called ricochet, during which they stand in a circle and kick a ball at each other. The environment during warm up is very relaxed, and they all seem to be enjoying themselves. Coach Terry Elge, who has been coaching at NC since 1998, will push his players when he needs to. After they warm up, they circle up and stretch, and after they have stretched, they do several drills. The coach is very encouraging and gives them several tips on how to improve. The team is very unified, and the wrestlers enjoy being together.

Coach Elge anticipates a great season. “We were tested at the meet [in Harvard] on Saturday, and everyone did really well. I think it will be an exceptional year and that we will shock a lot of people. These young guys are doing really well.” 

At the Harvard meet, which was the first meet of the season, the team placed 6th out of 14 schools, and four wrestlers placed individually: Anthony Jividen, 5th; Elijah Green, 1st; Carl Mundt, 3rd; Andrew Feely, 3rd. This Saturday, the team will be wrestling at Osceola at 8:30 am.

Top Photo: 2017-18 Wrestling Team. Front: Elijah Green, Anthony Jividen, Cody Kaczor. Back: Carl Mundt, Andrew Feely, Justin Brock, Luke Swanson, Kalob Green.

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