College Scholarships for Christian High School Graduates

College can be expensive. Private high school can also be expensive. Because some families believe in the importance of Christian education, they make sacrifices to send their sons and daughters to Christian high schools and colleges. Fortunately, there are colleges who recognize the sacrifices to pay tuition for high school, and they award scholarships to Christian high school graduates. At these universities, Nebraska Christian graduates are guaranteed scholarship money.

Nebraska Christian has agreements with three Christian universities: Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona; Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado; and The University of Northwestern-St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota. All of these are private Christian colleges that believe in the importance of Christian education in high school and college. Colorado Christian offers a scholarship of $1,250, Northwestern offers $2,500, and Grand Canyon offers $5,000. This is based solely on the fact that a student graduates from a Christian high school that the colleges have entered an agreement with. This is a practical advantage for families, as their tuition investment at Nebraska Christian pays off not only spiritually and academically, but also financially in the form of scholarships.

Larry Schreiber, one of NC’s guidance counselors, speaks about the benefits of these scholarships, saying, “I think it has been a great opportunity for NC students to receive money from some good Christian colleges and universities, especially in a day and age when college costs continue to rise. It is great that these three schools provide this opportunity to all of our students.” This provision allows unique opportunities after high school and opens doors financially to colleges that might not have been options without these scholarships.

Top Photo: A group of Nebraska students (including NC students Brennan Nokelby [back row, far left] and Katelynn Halstead [bottom row, second from right]) pauses for a picture during a Grand Canyon University visit weekend.

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