Learning How to Study the Bible

On the cold snowy days of January 30th and February 6th, the high school students of Nebraska Christian piled into freezing buses to go to Heartland E-Free Church to learn about studying the Bible. As they arrived at the church, they were greeted by Rich Peterson. He is a former pastor, and now he often teaches a series on studying the Bible. Although the days were long, the students learned much from him. His words were powerful and helpful for the students’ Bible reading. There were many main points, such as finding the theme, searching for background information, and understanding why each word is there. It was almost like a basic lesson in English, but applying what is commonly known to studying the Bible. The students learned how to look for a theme, then search the paragraphs to help see how it fits into the theme, and then to look at sentences and then words. The information helped many students in their Bible studying. “It was really convicting. A lot of the examples of what not to do, I was doing,” junior Madison Felt said.

Peterson showed the students many instructive points, several of which are hardly thought about. “It was fun to know a better way to read the Bible that would be useful for the rest of your life. Many things Mr. Peterson said were very convincing, and that made me feel like the Lord was calling me closer to Him,” Cream Masatit explained.

The messages were taped, so anyone can watch them again. The days turned out to be a great success, providing time to grow closer to God by studying His Word.

All of Rich Peterson’s messages can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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