Green Energy for the Greenhouse

If you’ve been on NC’s campus recently, you’ve probably seen a large disk-like contraption by our greenhouse: our new Smartflower, which generates solar energy.

According to the manufacturer’s website, “As the sun rises in the morning, Smartflower automatically unfolds, directs its solar modular fan toward the sun, and begins producing electricity for you.” In other words, the solar flower fulfills its purpose by converting heat from the sun into usable electricity. The solar flower is one of the smallest and most efficient ways to generate energy. You can find this aesthetically pleasing energy generator located in the southwest corner of Nebraska Christian’s property beside our botany program’s greenhouse.

The solar flower, installed as a gift by Wayne Williams and his company Interconnection Systems, Inc. (ISI), is expected to produce electricity for our greenhouse and provide for future teaching opportunities on the benefits of solar energy.

At Nebraska Christian Schools, we strive to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. The solar flower is just one example of a blessing God has given Nebraska Christian and a resource we have already begun to steward to our best ability. Drake Becksted, employee of ISI, explains how the Smartflower is a perfect complement to what NC is already doing through its greenhouse: “The Smartflower, in conjunction with the greenhouse, helps exhibit good stewardship over God’s creation by putting the ideals of love of life and independence to work.”

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