Blood Drive Successful Despite Weather

The morning of April 6 dawned cold and snowy, but that didn’t stop the annual Red Cross Blood Drive sponsored by the student council. Though some of the students who were planning to give blood at the drive weren’t able to get to school because of the weather, 29 students, teachers, and community members showed up to give.

Though donating makes her nervous, second time donor Danae Burdett explained why she gives: “I’ve heard so many times how important blood donation is, so I want to do my part, even though I don’t love the process.”

Student council members worked at the drive throughout the day, running the registration desk and chatting with donors. Student council secretary Tim Hofmann said, “The student council was honored once again to sponsor the blood drive. We feel, as Christians, that it is our duty to serve others. What better way to serve than by giving your blood to possibly save someone’s life?”

Throughout the day, the Red Cross collected 21 units of blood. Though the total amount was smaller than hoped due to the weather, the day was still a success. Student council sponsor Becky Ritta said, “I’m so impressed with our student body and their desire to give back by donating blood. Our appointment slots filled up faster than they ever have before, and I’m sure that if the weather had been ideal, we would have had an amazing turnout.”

Top Photo: Senior Anna Musgrave prepares to donate blood while student council member Danae Burdett provides moral support. Later in the day, Burdett also donated blood.

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