Spencer Family Music Comes to Chapel

Almost every week, Nebraska Christian students get the privilege of listening to a speaker or pastor for chapel. On Wednesday, September 12, the Spencer Family provided a unique chapel service for the entire school. The Spencer Family is a band from Kansas that travels around performing songs as a way to share the word of Christ. This chapel was all music, so it was a nice change of pace. Some songs the student body got to participate in, but it was also very nice to just listen. The songs were worship or Scripture-based songs. The Spencer Family writes many of their own songs, and they also perform some popular contemporary Christian and worship music. When asked what he enjoyed most about this chapel, freshman Kaleb Morton said, “I enjoyed it more because we got to sing more, and it was nice to have a different kind of chapel than we usually do.”

The Spencer Family’s story is unique. There are thirteen children of all ages (toddler to 20’s) in the Spencer Family. In 2015, they sold their house and everything they owned. They then bought an old school bus and converted it into a functional living area for the road. Shortly after they purchased and converted the bus, they were in an accident on their very first trip, and the bus was totaled. This was a challenging time for the family, but family and friends joined in to help out in lending them vans and trailers for their three weeks in New England. By the grace of God, someone who had heard their story gave them another bus that had been converted into a living space for the road. This family had planned to do similar mission work with the bus, but they felt that God was calling them to stay where they were and give the bus to the Spencers.

The story of the Spencer family was encouraging and impactful to everyone. Mr. Clay Mankin said, “What impressed me the most was their trust and reliance upon the Lord even in times when the plan didn’t go as expected.”

To learn more about the Spencer Family or to purchase their music, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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