Teacher Feature: Hannah Myers

Hannah Myers is currently working her dream job as a kindergarten and ELL (English language learners) teacher. She graduated from NC in 2014, then she attended college at UNK for two years, Grace University for two years, and is currently enrolled at Doane College. Myers graduated from Grace in May 2018, and now she is finishing two years at Doane to get her teaching certificate.

Before coming to NC full time, Myers was a tutor for two summers for NC’s ELL summer program. The thing Myers enjoys most about her job is being able to work with the students and teachers, and she loves the diversity we have in the school.

Myers came to know Christ when she was an NC student. Of her time as a student, she said, “I was surrounded by people who truly know Christ, and I just loved that.”

Myers decided to go into teaching after she had important people in her life tell her she was gifted in that area. She knows she made the right decision because she truly loves teaching. She said, “God has gifted me in [teaching], and to use that is very satisfying. I love teaching other students how to use their own gifts.”

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