Students Participate in UNK Honor Band & Choral Clinic

On Monday, January 28, nine NC students participated in UNK’s Honor Band and Choir. Seth Hower (11) participated in the Festival Band, and Talia Parlane (11) and Til Lyu (12) participated in the Honor Band. Olivia Janssen (10) participated in the Women’s Choir; Sara Royle (12) participated in the Festival Choir; and Ben Janssen (12), Bekah Feddersen (12), Clay Purkerson (11), and Keith Wasomi (11) participated in the Honor Choir. Each student had to try out and be chosen in order to attend. These nine were among over 700 others that participated in the concert at the end of the day.

When asked how it felt to know if they made it, Talia Parlane said, “It was a relief. I wasn’t sure if I’d get in, since I hadn’t had that much time to practice.” Keith Wasomi added, “It was amazing to know that I would be able to serve the Lord and others using the voice God has given to me.” All nine students had a long day with practices starting at around 8 a.m. and the concert not starting till around 5 p.m. Even though it was a long day filled with music and singing, the students enjoyed the day and the chance to make music with students from all around the state.

Top Photo. Row 1: Sara Royle, Bekah Feddersen, Olivia Janssen, Talia Parlane. Row 2: Clay Purkerson, Keith Wasomi, Seth Hower, Ben Janssen, Til Lyu.

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