First Annual International Students Day Celebration

NC had the unique opportunity of celebrating our diverse student culture at the first Annual Nebraska Christian Schools International Students’ Day celebration, which took place on Thursday, November 17, the official International Students’ Day. Held at the Merrick County Fairgrounds, all twenty-three of our international students had the opportunity to take the spotlight by showing the community the different foods, clothing, and cultural norms of their home countries.

Six different countries were represented this year: China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, and India. Each country had its own displays, which included food(s), decorations, and fun facts about the country. Some even had their own visual slideshow displays highlighting more areas of the country.

Hundreds of individuals and families from Central City and the surrounding areas were able to come and experience this unique event. The turnout was far greater than originally anticipated. It was a great night highlighting our students and honoring their heritage. Already, the students are looking forward to and making plans for next year’s celebration. The students and staff who helped to pull off this event are so thankful for all of the support from the individuals and families who were able to come out and partake in the fun.



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