Ad Building Preservation Project

Ad Building Preservation Project - $475,000

Since its construction in 1885, the Administration Building on Nebraska Christian’s campus has been an iconic symbol of Christian education in central Nebraska. It first housed Nebraska Central College, a Methodist school that soon combined with two other Methodist institutions to become Nebraska Wesleyan in Lincoln. After the campus sat empty for nearly a decade, Nebraska Central College & Academy opened in 1899. This institution, run by the Nebraska Society of Friends, was in operation from 1899 to 1953. From 1955 to 1959, Calvary Life College used the campus, which was bought by Nebraska Christian Schools in 1959. Nebraska Christian officially opened in the fall of 1959 and operates on the same campus to this day.

The Administration Building holds a special place in the hearts of many NC alums, local community members, and those whose relatives attended one of the colleges housed on the campus. Over the years, the building has fallen into disrepair, and the question of what should happen with the Ad Building is one that has hung over the school for years.

In February 2019, we announced that the Administration Building would be preserved! This decision was made through the joint efforts of the Nebraska Christian Schools Board represented by Chairman Paul McHargue, Superintendent Tim Hekrdle, Nebraska Christian Schools Foundation Director Jody Heuermann, and Foundation Chairman Belinda Strobel.

The primary focus of the Ad Building Preservation Project was to address the most urgent, external needs of the building. Work on the building began in July 2019, and by October, the roof was complete, the windows were installed and wrapped, and metal work was finished. Additional work on the outside of the building will continue next summer.

We are pleased to announce that, not only do we have the funds in hand to accomplish our goal of sealing and preserving the building, but we also are going to be able to address some of the internal needs of the building to make the space more functional, and we are now in the process of identifying those interior needs. We are so grateful for everything that has been accomplished and praise the Lord for His provision!

Our original budget for the Ad Building Preservation Project was $600,000. Due to significant cost-savings through volunteer labor and expertise and the wise money management of the NCS Campus Executive Team, we believe that the $475,000 already received for the Ad Building Preservation Project will allow us to do the scope of work on the Ad Building that we are desiring. Therefore, we are now moving our preservation project focus to the exterior and interior of the current gymnasium building. Our fundraising efforts will now focus on the most critical needs to update and make that space more functional. Learn more about the Gym Building Preservation Project here.