Meet an Eagle: William Le

This article begins a new series on our blog called “Meet an Eagle.” Each article will introduce you to one of our NC students.

IMG_8994William Le is one of the many international boys who lives in the dorm. He is originally from Ha Long, Vietnam, but now he lives in Ha Noi. His parents brought up the possibility of attending NC to William during the first semester of his junior year, and he decided to join the student body for the second semester of his junior year. He is currently a senior at NC. William wanted to come to Nebraska Christian to practice leadership, make friendships, and to study well. He is involved at NC in a variety of ways, including being a student manager of the football team and being the student council vice president. Some of his hobbies include reading, cooking, swimming, and playing games. He said, “I love cooking, but you’d better prepare [yourself] if you want to try my food.”

William says he may look quiet, but sometimes you may wish that he would stop talking. He also mentions that he can be funnier than you may expect. William says he is unsure of his college major for the future, as he is still deciding on it, but some ideas he has are accountant, businessman, or teacher. As a senior at Nebraska Christian, things are looking up for this fine Eagle student.

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