Speeding to the Finish

Each year, the 7th graders in shop class design CO2  powered wooden race cars. The junior high has been designing these cars with the help of industrial technology teacher David Gee; the cars range in size, shape, and color. The cars feature a small area drilled out on the back side of the car in which a small CO2 cartridge slides in. Gee then uses a small mechanical tool to pierce the CO2 cartridge and send the car flying down the track.

Gee sees the junior high classes as a stepping stone into other industrial technology classes. Gee said, “We do CO2 powered cars with our 7th graders because it introduces them to basic engineering and design processes. We study the effects of aerodynamic design and how it affects the speed of our CO2 cars. This is a great project to introduce our 7th graders to Industrial Technology with science and math application.”

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