Juniors Attend County Government Day

On Thursday, December 3rd, the Nebraska Christian juniors who are enrolled in United States History went to the Merrick County Courthouse to learn about how our county government works.

“The County Government Day can help our students to know how our local government functions to solve problems in our community, and I think visiting county officials’ offices and partaking in the mock trials are really helpful in teaching students about the county government,” said Carl Ostrand, the Nebraska Christian US History teacher.

During the County Government Day, the juniors went to a mock trial, a mock board meeting, the sheriff’s office, and the county clerk’s office. “I thought it would be fun … I really liked visiting the prison; I think I will make better decisions from now on,” said Gladys Choi.

The County Government Day is a really good chance for students to learn more about how the county government works to solve problems in their community.

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