The Book Safari

On October 30, the Nebraska Christian Elementary started their Elementary Reading Contest. This program was organized to encourage reading and friendly competition between classes. The contest was called “The Book Safari” because the elementary has a jungle theme this year. Most of the students read fiction. Many enjoy reading a series such as the Left Behind books, Percy Jackson, or Hank the Cowdog. Some students even encouraged their friends to begin reading a series they had enjoyed.

There were three teams in the contest: 1st & 2nd grade (The Alligators) led by Julia Merchant; 3rd & 4th grade (The Pythons) led by Evelyn Poland; and 5th & 6th grade (The Cheetahs) led by Teagan Stuhmer and Zach Egeland.

This is the first time the 5th & 6th grade won: they read 144 books (7.6 per student). The second place went to the 3rd & 4th grade, and 1st & 2nd got third. On Friday, January 22nd, the 5th & 6th grade got to watch the movie Woodlawn with popcorn and root beer floats.

There were also individual winners: 1st & 2nd grade: Abby Berck & Alexis Perry; 3rd & 4th grade: Alexandra Bruning & Richie Musgrave; and 5th & 6th grade: Marlie Mundt & Amy Springer. The winners received a mechanical pencil and several large jungle theme wall art stickers for their bedroom.

When Mrs. Patty Welk, elementary librarian and contest organizer, was asked about the program, she said: “We have been having reading contests, sometimes with a different focus, for years. They are always popular and a wonderful way to motivate students to spend free time reading.”

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