David Wheaton visits NC

Former professional tennis player David Wheaton has a relationship with Nebraska Christian that spans many years. Each year, NC takes its junior class on a worldview trip to Minnesota, and the class visits Wheaton at his home and often participates in his radio show, The Christian Worldview. Wheaton has also traveled to NC several times, speaking in chapel and spending time in classes.

Wheaton’s most recent visit to NC came in early December. He spoke to grades 7-12 during chapel, and he spent two mornings with the seniors. While with the seniors, Wheaton mainly talked about his book, University of Destruction, and with that he shared some of the dangers every college student must face. Senior Reagan Williams said, “In our senior talk with him, he really did a good job of explaining how to take control of the things that you think you don’t have control of.” Williams, along with many other students, now feels she has a better understanding of how to be fully equipped and prepared to deal with what she will face in the future.

Senior Jeremiah Ebel was also encouraged by Wheaton’s words. He said, “[Wheaton] talked to us about how the world will be when we get out of a safe place like NC. We will be thrown out into a world that largely hates God, which is a scary thought, but we need to trust God and lean on Him no matter if we are having the time of our lives or on our knees in despair.”

These concepts are important to understand, and Wheaton shared wise insight that the seniors, as well as other NC students, should remember when they leave NC and become ambassadors for Christ in the outside world.

Pictured above: David Wheaton speaks to the senior class during a morning session.

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