NC Receives Pop-Up Bill of Rights Display

The Bill of Rights display in the high school building is more than words on cardboard. It is a symbol of America’s freedom, liberty, and rights. It is a commemoration of how the Bill of Rights came to be, and all that it has done for the U.S. The display signifies the Bill of Rights’ 225th anniversary, and, as Mrs. Ruth Ferris said, “It reminds citizens that we the people have an important part in making our government and electing representatives.”

Librarians received emails from the National Archives Foundation Traveling Exhibits Services (NATES) about this pop-up display, inviting them to use it for their hallways and even in the curriculum. NC applied for the grant by filling out some questions about how it would be used at the school. It would be used in Government, U.S. History and Junior High History classes through February 28th, and the teachers gladly agreed to these along with other minor guidelines from the National Archives. Within a week, Ferris received word that NC had been chosen to have the exhibit. This is all thanks to the National Archives, along with help from The History Channel.

Nebraska Christian greatly appreciates the Bill Of Rights display and hopes the sponsored exhibit will be a fun and educational addition to the school.

Photo: Seniors Corina Ge (right) and Cole Ruybalid view the Bill of Rights display in the hallway of the high school building.

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