NC Welcomes New Students

When school resumed after Christmas, we welcomed three new international students.

Jean Joy (Joy) Kamau is a senior from Kenya. She said, “I came to NC because I thought it would be exciting to be somewhere out of the ordinary. NC seemed to be that kind of place, and I don’t regret coming.”

Youngseo (Hannah) Kwon is a sophomore from Korea. “The most important reason that I came here is to experience various cultures and learn another language,” she said. “Experiencing a bigger world and meeting different people gives me a lot of lessons. Studying the subjects in English gives me knowledge. I am very glad to join NC!”

Keith Wasomi is a freshman from Kenya. “The reason that I came here is to get a better education system that will benefit me more and expand my love for Christ,” he said.

We joyfully welcome them to NC and hope they have a great semester.

Above: Keith Wasomi, Joy Kamau, and Hannah Kwon

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