Junior High Sports Keep Students Busy

The Junior High Eagles have been busy with winter activities. The 7th and 8th grade boys had the opportunity to compete at three wrestling meets this year. They were coached by the high school wrestling coach, Mr. Terry Elge, and assisted by Mr. Joshua Cumpston. The young men worked hard during their season and enjoyed the three-week period of time during which they were able to wrestle. The boys improved immensely throughout the season, and many of the wrestlers were able to bring home medals from the meets they competed in.

The girls and boys have now started a new season, basketball, which happens to be the favorite to many. Seventh grader Riley Schreiber said, “I am looking forward to competing, having fun, and playing with my teammates this season. I am also ready develop as a player.” Mr. Andy Falk is coaching the junior high boys basketball team this winter and looks forward to a fun and competitive season.

Tabitha Seip, an 8th grader on the girls team, said, “I am looking forward to the season, being able to play with my classmates, and also improving my skills as a basketball player.” Mr. Clay Mankin will return to coach the girls team this winter for his second year. The team’s key to success will be using their height to their advantage against opponents. The Lady Eagles took on the Palmer Tigers for the first game of the season on Monday, December 18th. Unfortunately, they came up short, losing the game by one point.

Both teams are working hard to improve their skills before their next game against the Riverside Chargers at Spalding on January 8th.

Above: 7th grader Sophie Swanson passes the ball during junior high basketball practice.

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