Students Participate in Community Service Afternoon

On the afternoon of May 1, all of NC’s junior high and senior high students and staff participated in our annual community service afternoon. Groups headed out to a variety of places in the surrounding area to work.

Tug Burdett pains a fence post at Timberlake.

One group stayed on campus and baked chocolate chip cookies for our neighbors. Another group picked up trash in the ditches on the roads leading up to our campus. Everyone else went farther away, sorting clothes at Mission Heart, cleaning at the Widman Cinema, tearing down an old shed at the Merrick County Museum, walking dogs and cleaning at the Central Nebraska Humane Society, and doing a variety of outdoor projects at Timberlake Ranch Camp, Covenant Cedars Bible Camp, and Bader Park.

The students enjoyed the day, which concluded with Dilly Bars back on campus. Senior Tim Hofmann, who was on the shed tear down crew at the Merrick County Museum, said, “Community service day is always a highlight for me because it is such a blessing to help the community in any way possible. This year was no different.”

The businesses and individuals helped by our students were grateful for their efforts. Charissa Smith, Assistant Camp Director at Timberlake, said, “The kids were great today. We put them in three groups to do different jobs. They worked hard and got a lot done! Thank you!!!”

Overall, the day was a success, and the students gained a greater appreciation for our community.

Top photo: Students, including Justin Brock, Garrett Swantek, Kevin Yu, and Clay Purkerson, pick up trash in a ditch on one of the gravel roads near campus.

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