Football Preview: Raising the Bar

This 2018 football season has gotten off to a great start with a 20-6 win over Thayer Central! This year the Eagles have five returning seniors leading the team. The team is not large in number or in size; this is something the players can’t change, but what they can change is how mentally tough they are and how much heart they play with.

Senior Noah Boersen said, “The key to success this year is going to be heart. We need to play every down like our season depends on it. We can’t have excuses but must have effort! As long as we rely on the Lord throughout the season, we will do just fine.”

The team has high hopes of bouncing back from last year’s 2-6 record with lots of intensity and aggression. A major element this year will be staying united as a team. As a football team, unity is of utmost importance because if one man does not do his job, it affects the entire team. Remembering technique and the small things in football is essential for an Eagle player to successfully do his job. The hope is that the experienced players will come alongside those with less experience and disciple them in the game of football, making an impact on them that will last the rest of their lives.

Throughout the rest of the season, the team will need to make every practice count and continually be raising the bar every chance they can get. Players and coaches alike are looking forward to the rest of the season and are excited to see what it will bring. Assistant Coach Levi Landrigan (’12) said, “I’m really excited to see the fruits of the hard work that a lot of our guys have put in over the last few years. If we apply ourselves to do the little things right, it could be a really great season!”

The Eagles’ home opener is Friday, August 31, vs. Nebraska Lutheran. It will be live streamed on our YouTube channel:

Top Photo: Football Team. Row 1: Cody Griess, Toby Watson, Justin Brock, Noah Boersen, Jake Twogood. Row 2: Johnny Wu, Keith Wasomi, Kalob Green, Seth Hower, Garrett Swantek. Row 3: Grant Stuhmer, Elijah Boersen, Aidan Pipher, James Thomas. Row 4: Nehemiah Peters, Peter Paul, Zach Egeland, Stone Swantek, Isaac Halbgewachs, Kaleb Morton, Charlie Cheng.

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