Game On: Elementary Plans for Great Year

The Nebraska Christian Elementary is full of life this year between new teachers, a new superintendent, and a rather unique theme. This year’s theme is based on sports. The elementary teachers came upon the idea when the Heartland E-Free church did their summer VBS, which was called Game. The teachers got access to the decorations through the preschool teacher Stacy Berck, and they were sold on the idea instantly. After they picked the theme, they found a verse to go along with it. Ms. Amy Schreiber (grades 4-6) said, “I love the memory verse, which is 2 Peter 1:3 (CSB). Teaching the students that God has already given you everything to live a life of serving and loving others, He calls us to grow in our knowledge of Him. What a great reminder for us all.”

Not only is it going to be an energetic year in the elementary, but it will be filled with new things and, more importantly, new people. There are few new teachers and new leadership this year, and many were excited for the change, including returning teacher Ms. Schreiber. “Having new leadership, through a new superintendent [Tim Hekrdle] and new elementary staff Amy Merchant [grades 1-3] and Hannah Myers [K], was another bonus to this new year. The collaboration and accountability is important. We have already combined forces and have come up with some great ideas to monitor and challenge our students’ progress.”

The elementary is in full swing with lots of great teachers and activities, while also challenging the students to grow in their faith and learn new skills.

Top Photo: Elementary students at the Nebraska State Fair.

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