Pig Roast Kicks off 3rd Year of Adopt-a-Student Program

Nebraska Christian’s Second Annual Pig Roast took place on a rainy Sunday afternoon, August 19th. The purpose of this event was to connect families with their adopted dorm student and to inform parents on what the program’s direction is for the year. The Adopt-a-Student Sunday, which is in its third year, is a popular outreach where one Sunday a month, families open their homes to a dorm student. They attend church together and enjoy activities or a quiet Sunday afternoon together.

The Pig Roast was an enjoyable way to kick off the program for the year. Although the rain put a damper on the outdoor activities and BBQ, the fun continued indoors. While international program staff Gib Killion and Angela Needham spoke with the adults about their vision for the program for the year, teachers Carl Ostrand and Andy Falk headed up a rowdy game time in the gym for students. The games were a huge success and ranged from relays where you had to use your mouth to propel a ping pong ball across the gym to an intense shoe flinging contest. Freshman Tabitha Seip commented, “The highlight of the event was definitely the games. It was so fun to be able to interact with all of the international students and to get to know them better. It helped me connect with them because we had to work together in ways you couldn’t connect by talking. We had to trust each other.”

Following the parent meeting and the games, everyone entered the cafeteria, where a feast of pork had been prepared. Fellowshipping and eating was a perfect way to end the night. Custodian Curt Cooper, who was primarily in charge of the meal, said this about the event, “I think it was a great success. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was a blessing to do it with friends. I think the purpose of these events is to stimulate great fellowship between one another.”

Top photo: Adopt-a-Student families and students take a picture during the kickoff event.

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